Perfect Day Scrapbooking

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hi! The storefront at it's current location is temporarily closed. We will keep you posted on the changes that are occuring.

As of now, we were liquidating and closing. For the record, we were not closing because of bad sales although the big box stores have really cut into business and I'd like to urge you to shop small as much as possible. My life is changing so dramatically and I had a really hard time finding stable, responsible, loyal employees that I had to choose something in my life that had to go and it was the store. I can't cut my job or my childs' activities you know? The second to last weekend my landlord came to me with an offer that I couldn't refuse. The offer is a three-way deal and we're just waiting on the third party to make a decision. Should they choose my space, I'll be taking their space, which was my 2nd store :) We'll be downsizing and consolidating and offering something totally cool for my DIY'ers. Special orders will remain our backbone (even in light of all the screwy G45 stuff!) and I'm just thrilled to have this possibly not be the end. Should we move back to 9608, we will reopen mid-May to very early June as your Four Day Scrapbook Store - schedule TBD. The walls are hot pink - ohmigosh!

Sorry for the ramble - I'll be in touch through this blog and through Facebook.