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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Treat Box Class 9/22

Check out this super cute treat box class with Amanda this Sunday! (9/22 @ 11am) From what I hear there two: one halloween and one Christmas. This is a great little papercrafting project to learn and create over and over for a mutlitude of hildays and events! Call the store to sign up, 714-369-2862. Remember, we aren't generally open on Sundays so it's real important for you to call. Thanks so much!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Series: What can I do with that? Washi Tape Edition

We hear daily that people *love* the idea of something but can't imagine actually using that product because they just don't know how to use it.

I was recently asked about Washi Tape.  Its everywhere now and even scrapbook manufacturers are producing it.

I love it.  I own over 100 rolls.  Yes, I hoard and I'm okay with that.  The little rainbow stack makes me smile.

So what CAN you do with Washi?  Just a few things besides the obvious one of using strips on cards and layouts..

1. Did you know it will go through your printer?  Simply type up your journaling and print it out on a sheet of paper.  Heavier paper works better.  Then tape strips of washi OVER the print.  Run the same sheet through the printer again so that the ink now hits the washi tape strips.  Gently peel the washi off the paper and apply it to your layout.

2. Use it as a background for a negative space.  I do this with my cards usually.  I start with my card base and then trim a patterned piece of paper about 1/8th of an inch smaller on all 4 sides.  Punch one or more shapes out of the patterned paper.  Layer washi tape on your card base *under* the punched negative.  Use pop dots to adhere and to give dimension.

3. This was an idea I saw on Pinterest last year and I've started making them for every occasion/holiday.  Washi tealights.
Start with a stack of tealights (I get the pack of 100 for $3.99 at Ikea).  Washi tape is the same width as the metal cup.  Wrap a strip of washi tape around the metal cup.  You now have a decorative candle for any holiday.  I used the Teresa Collins Halloween line Washi for these.  They will now match my Halloween decor at our annual party.

4. Punch it.  Layer enough washi to cover the area you will be punching.
 This strip is long enough to cover the span of the card.  Trim along the edge so you have a sturdy strip.
 Adhere to the card.
 Layer another strip on cardstock.

 Find the place in the repeating pattern where your punched image matches and pop dot it.

5.  Here are a few more ideas from Pinterest.  I have not personally tried these but they are on my To Do list.  I've linked each project.

- Washi on glass jars

- Washi tape on clothespins

- Washi Monograms

- Party decorations

- home decor - lightswitch cover

- washi keyboard - don't ask me why but I totally want to do this!

- decorate your phone case

- Use it in your planner

- Washi cake stand or cake flags

- Washi paperclips

Just a few things you can with Washi.  Its a fun product!  The store carries a ton of styles in both traditional washi tape and the ones the scrapbook manufacturers are making now.  These coordinate with the lines but have so many more uses!  Stop by the store to see which styles are in stock.  If you see a style that we don't carry, let us know.

*What can I do with that? will be a regular series on this blog.  If you have a product you want us to research and write about, send us an email.