Perfect Day Scrapbooking

Monday, April 2, 2012


Most of this is referring to night crops, about 5-7 hours and not the big events or all day crops. Just your run of the mill Friday night crop.

I'm trying to figure out what the problem is with crop nights and why they are successful everywhere else but Perfect Day so pleeeeease help. There's another store with shared tables and that store has full crop nights. Another store had small 4' white tables and they had full crop nights. Our tables, when shared, are 3'x30". That extra depth provides much needed tool space, drink space, tote space, etc. Come on in and see how it's is set up. We have big cushy rolling managers chairs (no folding metal or plastic yard furniture), Sparkletts, cappuccino, etc. Walking access to sushi, pizza, 7-11, liquor store.

Our crop fee is and always has been $5. We sell a crop card that DOES NOT EXPIRE and is only $20. For that $20, you get a card for FIVE $5 crops. That means I'm giving you one free with every new card. It's the best deal around. Plus, I'll give you 10% off all crop night purchases!

I ran a survey on Facebook and based on the results we will add a raffle or two. We already provide tools: a Cricut, 40+ cartridges, a Big Shot, tons of embossing folders (works great with Core cardstock), Slice + 12 cartridges, DreamKutz, LIght Box, Distress It All, Cinch, Bind It All, deco scissors, markers, shape cutters, laminator, tons of deco punches. We even have a tv and dvd player and folder of chick flicks. We offer crops on Friday nights, Saturday nights and the first Sunday of the month plus we have the option of hosting crops anytime with a minimum of 4. Plus, if only 4-6 signed up, you get the whole 6' table to yourself.

Let's talk about space. Realistically. We all want it, but we can't have it. I pay for every square foot in the store and most of that space needs to have product selling to pay for its space. The tables do not have average daily sales :) They take up 1/4 of my shop. I've been told by many customers I have great paper, fresh selection and they can rely on having lots of choices when they come to the store. Just last week I was told "You really pack it in and have the best selection in OC". In essence, we chose to have smaller tables to provide you more options. And really, during a night crop of 5-6 hours, a six foot table is quite excessive. It's a crop night. Not a 12-hour crop. Not a 2-day crop. What is the need for all the space for a few hours?

I hope this post has explained crop night better and I sure hope you would like to try us. Please print this out and bring it with for your first crop night and I'll give it to you free!

Also, on this sad day with another store closing, please please please shop local. Without your support, we die out. We don't have a corporate umbrella over our head. I know you could save 10-20% online, but is all that savings going to be worth it when we're all gone?