Perfect Day Scrapbooking

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why have our little local stores become non-existent?

Lately I have been hearing a lot of talk about how sad it is that our little scrapbook stores are going out of business at a rapid rate! Many people have their own theories as to why and all make sense however one stands out more than the rest. Our manufacturers do not have our backs! Plain and simple that is how it is! How do we know this??? We it's very simple they go to bargain websites or HSN and sell their product for substantially less. This is great for the consumers however you lose the whole experience being IN the store!!! Which leads to my next point!!!

Have you ever looked at some of the samples that the manufacturers put out and thought "gee, that gives me a headache?" if you do you are not alone! I like to call it "See how much product I can get on a page!" sure, some look great but have you ever added up how much it would cost for that one page? On average I have found that they cost roughly $40-50 if you have to buy all of the product. Now, have you felt intimidated? Or overwhelmed? Once again most of us are! This is why the store is so important, for example I made several samples with new product that we just put out on the shelves! This paper is selling like hot cakes! These samples are so important because they are very easy to scraplift (copy) and make your own. They also have fabulous teachers teaching techniques real time in person, not some video where you can't ask questions! These designers and instructors are available in the store from time to time and Rachel is able to give out their information should you have specific questions for them. I myself have made special trips into the store just to help a customer with a project!

In closing I encourage you to stop in to your local store this week and let them know how much you appreciate having supplies and knowledge at your finger tips, I would bet they would let you k ow how much the appreciate you too!!

Happy Scrapping!!!