Perfect Day Scrapbooking

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free 12x12 Make & Take TODAY ONLY for Shop Hop

SHOP HOPPERS! Today, Saturday, from 3-5 make a beautiful 12x12 page using some really cool new stuff & tools with Jennifer Priest, for FREEEEE when you show your 2010 Passport! My husband is running the store today while I get my Shop Hop on so please be kind :) Hahahah. Thanks!

Join Jennifer Priest at Perfect Day Scrapbooking in Huntington Beach, CA on August 14 for a FREE make n take --a 12x12 pirate themed scrapbook page! We're using Paper Trunk, Donna Salazar Products, the Distrezz-It-All by Bind-It-All by Zutter Innovative Products, Epiphany Crafts, and more!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shop Hop Madness

Shop Hop week one is about to end and I must say it's been sheer madness. Totally fun, chaotic and nuts and I've loved EVERY minute of it. To say it was difficult to move to a new shop and have it open and ready for a megaton of customers in less than a month would be complete and total understatement.

We have gotten some great input and feedback from all our customers whom I love dearly. I feel as though I've made the right decision and haven't regretted it yet. OK, well maybe when I received the almost $200 power bill when I'm used to a $65 one! Otherwise it's been heavenly. If you haven't stopped by yet, please do so :)

Crop nights are better, our class calendar will be set in the fall and we have a ton of 2-page layout kits ready for the making for those who just want to put it together and be done and have a GORGEOUS album. Come see the wall of kits!